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Yeni needs our help

The same as last year, Aesthetic Dentistry Munich is supporting the “Help of the Children of Peru” charity. Instead of spending money on cards and gifts, we take 15% from the new patient consultations and individual oral prophylaxis fees and we send send them to the children in need from Peru.

Sister Maria Virginia Sicca is raising money towards the necessary surgical treatment for the eleven years old Yeni. She was born with a rare congenital disease: aplasia cutis congenita and coarctation of the aorta and is in urgent need of heart surgery. Yeni has been abandoned by her father and is living with her mother in one room without electricity or water. The life-saving surgery is exclusively dependent on donations.

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The charity “Help for the Children of Peru” was established by Claudia Lorenz, a native Münchener and her aunt, Maria Virginia Sicca from Peru. Extraordinarily, no money is spent for administration-related expenses, 100% of the donations reaching directly the children in Lima with rare diseases or cancer, enabling their medical treatments and living conditions.

For more information about this Charity, please visit or our website at “Help for the Children of Peru“.

Additional donations are always welcomed and we encourage you to contact us directly or through Claudia Lorenz.

We will keep you updated on little Yeni’s condition and are grateful to all our patients participating in the charity.

We wish you a Healthy, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!
Your team at Aesthetic Dentistry Munich