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Special Arrangements


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” Health is the most precious asset we all own. “

For highest quality-oriented individuals, we are offering a special program called “Black Diamond”. This program involves doctors from USA and Europe, resources and time management in a such extraordinary manner that the patient can receive the absolute Best Oral Care available to date worldwide.

A team of five specialists in Function, Smile Aesthetics, Oral Surgery, Endodontics and Periodontics will be simultaneously available to exclusively provide you with the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. For custom veneers and full mouth reconstructions, in addition to our on-site master laboratory we select and fly-in the two (2) best technicians from USA and Germany to provide their unique artistic input.

Costin Marinescu
Dr.medic stom., D.D.S.

Jan Hajtó
Dr. med. dent.
Specialist DGÄZ

Andreas Hofmann
Dr. Dr. med. dent.

Black Diamond includes:

  • Exclusive appointing system with the optional Closed-Door policy (exclusive usage of the dental practice and laboratory during appointment times)
  • The best technicians in the world work Only with certain doctors. We do have access to this network and since every dental technician is most qualified with specific techniques and materials, we choose the best of best for your case and bring him/her in Munich to work exclusively on your case.

Complete oral rehabilitation treatments in the Black Diamond program are available for patients requiring comprehensive treatment such as full mouth reconstructions and/or aesthetic makeovers.

To arrange for an initial consultation, please contact us via email or by phone at +49 151 651 651 01.

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