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Porcelain Veneers and Smile Design

Smile Design and Porcelain Veneers

The smile can age though abrasive tooth wear, gum recession or changes in the lip mobility. Sometimes, it is ageing our look more than we want. If one feels embarrassed to smile or simply have always wanted a beautiful smile that will truly reflect his/her identity, than the social and motivational benefits could very well justify the dental treatment. For some, it has the power of changing lives, finally reflecting who they are and how they truly feel inside out; for others, it simply brings back their “own self”. Each Smile is as unique as a fingerprint; porcelain veneers can restore and enhance its appearance without changing it completely.

The process of defining the veneers‘ form, shape and shade is called Smile Design and involves a comprehensive evaluation of the face aesthetics (proportion measurements), occlusion – dynamic and static relationships between teeth, speech, chewing and most importantly, patient’s own expectations and desires. Having an On-Site Master Laboratory allows for perfect customization, best choice of dental ceramics and optimum time management.

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