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Functional Tooth Wear Analysis

Teeth age but do not heal. Question: is the age of our teeth matching our chronological age!? When they look unevenly worn, cracked or the bite is unstable, feeling like it does not have a Home position than teeth can age much faster than our rest of our face and body. Nowadays we live longer, stay healthier, look better due to incredible advancements in medicine. However, a stable bite with teeth touching evenly and in-sync with the jaw joints is not always naturally occurring and it can make a big difference towards keeping our teeth healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. This is the study of Occlusion, a dental specialty that requires the advanced understanding of patient physiology and allows for the early detection of damaging, irreversible wear that compromises patient’s Function and Aesthetics. Tooth enamel is the hardest organic substance in the human body and yet can wear away due to functional imbalances (such as grinding or clenching), causing unstable bite, tooth sensitivity and periodontal support failure. Preventing teeth from wearing and moving is intricately correlated with the health of jaw joints, muscles and implicitly with the functions of chewing, digestion and even breathing.

A Functional Wear Analysis takes only 30 minutes but it can save valuable tooth structure from irreversible wear!

The analysis shows how efficiently the bite load is distributed on the teeth, how much force the muscles develop and which jaw joint receives more pressure due to uneven bite on the teeth. Uneven distribution of tooth contacts  is one of the most important triggers for tooth movements, joint clicks and tension headaches.


  • High-Resolution Photographic Tooth Wear and Aesthetic Analysis

A special photo camera with satellite wireless flashes that generate 20+ megapixel shadow-free images can give a very detailed outlook over the enamel wear facets, the amount and location of tooth structure loss, caries, cracks or discolorations. The images allow an in depth analysis of everything that happened in the past and give a hint of what will follow if preventive measures are not employed.

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The results can be communicated instantly and show if your teeth, bite and surrounding tissues are incurring structural damage due to functional problems. The conclusions lay the foundation for preserving the health and proper function of the teeth and joints as well as maintaining a youthful smile.
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