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Study of Function & Aesthetics

The restoration and maintenance of the Stomatognathic system is achieved only through the successful relationship between Function and Aesthetics (Funktion & Ästhetik), within the natural biologic compensation capabilities.

“We See What We Know, We Treat What We See”

The knowledge to understand what we see is just as valuable as knowing how to do it. The smile aesthetics cannot be planned without a proper understanding of patient’s occlusion, masticatory muscle activity or TMJ’s status. With a multitude of ceramic materials available today in restorative dentistry, the choice is determined by a combination of functional, aesthetic and biological factors.

Jan Hajtó, a renowned German lecturer and DGÄZ Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry, and Costin Marinescu, an American dentist and UCLA & Spear Education faculty with extensive in functional occlusion, have setup a study curriculum aimed to answer the clinical questions each dentist is confronting with on a daily basis. Furthermore, the study is designed to enable dentists in achieving excellence in clinical aesthetic and functional dentistry. Seminars help understand what “We See” while the Workshops give the skills to treat what “We Know”. In addition, modern patient management concepts will allow the participant dentist to quickly integrate in the private practice the newly acquired diagnostics and technical skills.

Pyramid of Clinical Excellence

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