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Dental implants

Some teeth are irreplaceable … except with dental implants

Dental Implantology has revolutionized modern dentistry. It has become essential to our therapeutic arsenal.
Implants are artificial tooth roots made of pure titanium. The body does not identify titanium as a foreign material and therefore achieves boney ingrowth without any complications. There are No incompatibilities or typical rejection reactions that occur with transplants for example. No single allergic reaction to this material has ever been reported worldwide.

In Europe alone, more than 500,000 implants are placed every year. They can last from several years to decades; this is much more than the forecast for conventional tooth-supported restorations. Implants are considered nowadays a safe and reliable option for restoring missing teeth.

However, expertise dictates the success in Implantology.
The factors insuring long-term predictability include scientifically tested implant systems, exclusively original parts, dedicated facilities, highly specialized professional training, continuing education, a specialized team of assistants and first-class dental technology.
Implant-retained restorations are therefore not cheap but their value truly reveals itself through the improvement in quality of life, over the course of many years.