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Computerized diagnostics and manufacturing

CAD-CAM is one of the most sophisticated in-office technologies today, which can produce with an amazing accuracy all-ceramic restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays or even bridges. But what they cannot do is replicating the exact color variations of a natural tooth. This is where a master dental technician comes in, completing the missing link in the process of creating a truly remarkable restoration. After many years of combined experience with CEREC, 3D printers, E4D and milling technologies we came to the conclusion that the only way we can achieve Excellence in Restorative Dentistry is to employ both an in-house laboratory and optical scanning with a two-step computer-assisted milling. We have at the same location with our practice a dental laboratory – Funktion & Ästhetik – and also the latest model of Sirona’s CEREC with Omnicam. The speed and accuracy of this CAD-CAM technology allows for a dental restoration to be fabricated in less than an hour – no more rubber impressions, provisionals, second visits, second anesthesia – while our on-site dental laboratory employs the exquisite talent of Stefan Frei and Marcel Schnabel who artistically complete the dental restorations by matching the specific colors and texture of each patient’s natural teeth.

Digital diagnostics
truly enables us in providing minimally invasive medicine by allowing the detection of pathology in its incipient stages, way before pain occurs. The ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) for dental radiography is consistently applied in our practice as it is the best way in protecting our patient’s health and providing preventive dental services.