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Staying healthy – getting a roof

Exciting news from Peru! The last year Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde München contribution from our patients prophylaxis appointments and new patient consultations raised enough money for the “Children of Peru” charity to build a new roof for the house of families Bautista and Cahuasa. In addition, the family Maldonado received warm clothes and food supplies. It is amazing sometimes […]

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Yeni needs our help

The same as last year, Aesthetic Dentistry Munich is supporting the “Help of the Children of Peru” charity. Instead of spending money on cards and gifts, we take 15% from the new patient consultations and individual oral prophylaxis fees and we send send them to the children in need from Peru. Sister Maria Virginia Sicca is raising […]

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“Gracias por todo”

In December 2013 and January 2014, we have initiated a fundraising campaign by donating 15% from the new patient consultations and individual oral prophylaxis fees. We succeeded in raising over 350Euro! The entire amount was used for purchasing clothes, food and medical treatments for Anika, Melanie, Rosita and Fransesco. As we have just received from them […]

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“Help for the Children of Peru”

This is a wonderful initiative for the Peruvian children suffering of cancer and in need of complex medical treatment as well as moral and material support. Claudia Lorenz, a native Münchener, and Maria Virginia Siccha dedicate a lot of time and resources to help the cancer-suffering children. Amazingly, 100% of the donations (no money are […]

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