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Functional Tooth Wear Analysis

Teeth age but do not heal. Question: is the age of our teeth matching our chronological age!? When they look unevenly worn, cracked or the bite is unstable, feeling like it does not have a Home position than teeth can age much faster than our rest of our face and body. Nowadays we live longer, […]

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Aesthetically and Functionally -driven Implantology

In advanced restorative dentistry, the concept of a Diagnostic Wax-up is a very common one. We used it to prototype a new tooth position in correlation with the joint geometry, chewing pathways and individual aesthetic parameters. Unfortunately, many patients discover the need of a diagnostic wax-up only when treatment failure occurs since this important step […]

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What makes a smile truly beautiful?

We all know that a smile can open many doors, it is the best conversational “ice-breaker” and it simply makes us more attractive. In an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey 45% of the Americans believe that the smile is the most attractive feature, regardless of the age. By contrast, very few think that the […]

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Story of a Smile


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Is fitness bad for your teeth?!

Grinding or clenching teeth is something that we all do at times, a habit also observed in children and not just adults. The frequency of these events depends on many factors: psychosocial stress, misalignment of the teeth, sleep disorders, inadequate occlusion – tooth-to-tooth relationships… The most recent research – published in June 2014 in the Scandinavian […]

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Invisible Braces

Traditional orthodontic treatments usually involve braces (metal or plastic brackets bonded on the surface of the teeth and connected with a metal wire) or “retainers” – removable devices that have metal wires and get activated with a screw. In the last few years, thanks to the advancements in Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, a new […]

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Smile Anti-Ageing

Our smile can sometimes age faster than our bodies. The possible causes are multiple but two of them play an important role: Ageing of the lips and skin around the mouth (Perioral Aesthetics) In time, the mouth opening will “descend” on the face, so that in a relaxed state or during speech less of the […]

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The Concept of Quality

We hear it and see it all the time, in almost every store or business: “We offer Best Quality…..”. I am wondering what does that mean?! Of course, when something is of high quality we think that is made by highly trained individuals, created out of best materials and it is usually a bit more […]

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California Smile

California is often associated with sunny, warm weather, happy people and very bright smiles. Is this a myth or reality?! Indeed, weather is great, especially in Southern California – coastal Los Angeles and San Diego. Only few days of rain per year and the rest is all sunny and warm thanks to the cool currents […]

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“Scientia Potentia Est” – Knowledge is Power

Dentistry is a medical science that studies all body structures associated with the mouth. A dentist is trained in school to look not just at teeth but also at the gums, the muscles surrounding the mouth, the joints that enable the jaw movement and all the soft tissue structures lining the mouth. They all work […]

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Mass Production or Bespoke ?

Nowadays, due to advancements in technology, quality products are available at affordable prices. These are items from clothing, furniture, household goods to even jewelry. That is possible by using CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing) technologies where, once the design is created, the machines can fabricate the product in high numbers and at […]

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Trust in Medicine

There is an acute desire for trust in medicine and implicitly, in doctors. We all need doctors to keep us healthy or help us heal when things go not so good. But how do we find a good doctor and when we found him/her, how do we know we get the right treatment for the right price? […]

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Dental Radiographs – the Facts

There are so many questions regarding dental x-rays… We always get asked: ”Are they really necessary? How much radiation do I get from one x-ray? How often do I need them? Why hygienists also need to look at them?”. We very often discover how afraid people are of dental radiographs. There is a lot of misinformation out […]

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The life of our teeth

The modern era we currently live in provides us with many amenities. Through technological progress and medical advancements, our life expectancy has doubled by comparison with the medieval ages. In the table below it can be seen that the global average life expectancy is now at about 67 years. In a western industrialized country the average life […]

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Porcelain veneers

The Experience of Porcelain Veneers

For the ones who don’t know, a veneer is a thin shell of custom-made ceramic (often as thin as a contact lens) that is bonded on the outside surface of the tooth and can permanently change its color, texture and/or shape. This procedure done on multiple teeth can improve quite a bit the appearance of one’s smile. […]

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Human Artistry & CAD-CAM

There is a lot of talk lately about CAD-CAM, 3D printers, stereolitographic modeling… These technologies have been part of dentistry for quite a few years but only lately they actually reached the quality and precision levels which rival with the ones provided by traditional dental laboratories. We also worked with these technologies in the last […]

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A dental appointment should not be an unpleasant experience

Modern dentistry has evolved considerably in the last 20 years. Dental materials, the techniques and the knowledge available nowadays allow for more comfortable and longer-lasting treatments. Nevertheless, the stress the patients incur during a dental appointment is still an important aspect of the actual treatment. Lately, a lot of research has been conducted in the attempt to […]

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