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All ceramic dentistry

For many years now, we have been using all-ceramic materials for crown and bridge restorations, implant prosthodontics, inlays and veneers. By virtue of their optical properties, which reflect light like natural teeth and their high strength, all-ceramic materials have become the standard in high quality restorations. Our practice is the only one in Europe providing patients with in-house fabricated Double Crowns (Infix®), the most beautiful, gentle for the opposing teeth and in the same time, strong and long-lasting restorations. These crowns are designed and hand-made in our own laboratory, custom individualized to match the most demanding aesthetic needs. To insure the highest standard of quality, all laboratory restorations and the materials used are made in Germany and USA.

Through knowledge sharing and joint research with the all-ceramic working group from the Department of Dental Prosthodontics at the University of Munich, we stay up-to-date with the latest scientific evidence.